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Hooked on books
I’ve always been a bookworm. Being asked what to take on a desolate island I would answer books, many, many books. Real books, made out of paper and printer’s ink…

I translate books for the love of it. I discovered this love pretty late. When I was younger I wanted to see the world, get my hands on and down to things, talk to the people and not just come into contact with pen and paper only. I made the most of it – after years of study I took to the road and for many years made hands-on experience when I put my heart and soul in interpreting. I have seen the world, looked into things and got to know many people. But then, some day you are at a crossroads. Do I want to be a rover for all my life? Or do I rather settle down and find the exceptional in what seems to be the ordinary? Have children, find a dear partner to grow old with and so become manager of a prosperous little family business?

It all came naturally. And calmness came along. A calmness that produces creativity: Being aware of having experienced so much outstanding made it possible for me to become a content and happy pen-and-paper-worker. And to feed on these experiences while doing translations of books.
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